About me

Since I can remember, pencils and crayons have always been my buddies. Creating various kinds of graphics gives me a lot of fun and that’s why I didn’t have a problem with choosing a career for myself. In every project, I try to use all my knowledge and skills, which leads to a creative blending of different styles (classical sketching, digital painting, 3D modeling, etc.). Until recently I was involved mainly in advertising, working for various ad agencies, but also since I was very young I have been interested in games. Like any normal kid, I spent hundreds of hours playing video games, which made my parents very frustrated. :) And like every true gamer I dreamt that one day I will create something of my own.

Bridgy Jones is the first game I ever worked on. That’s why I was very excited when it was picked as the AppStore’s Editors’ Choice, gathered a lot of positive reviews (80 score on Metacritic), and ranked high in the AppStore (including 1st place of paid apps in the UK). During the production I gained solid experience, which I would like to use in future projects – that’s why I’m already scared by their awesomeness! ;)
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